Stoner, Famous for Burger, Pizza, Ice Cream, Desserts in Bangalore

About Us

"I guess ice cream is one of those things that are beyond imagination."

L.M. Montgomery

Ice-cream for everyone, at any time and with the space it deserved was how Stoner imagined its offering.

We opened our first store in Indiranagar in the Christmas of 2014; and are now present in four locations in Bangalore.

We at Stoner do not take ice-cream lightly. All our ice-creams comprise 100% milk cream fat (unlike other frozen desserts that use palm or vegetable oil) and follow stringent quality and hygiene standards.

And hence, imagination and a fierce craving for quality ice-cream, nostalgia inducing pizzas and artisan burgers turned to reality with Stoner.

"I would never win an award for not loving pizza."

Dwayne Johnson

The pizza at Stoner is a time machine.

Take a bite and you will be transported to the days before fast food restaurant chains and tasteless cardboard boxed pizzas.

Our chefs create sauces and toppings daily, these are not frozen leftovers. The meat, vegetables and spices are fresh and locally sourced.

We mean it when we say our pizza bases are ‘multi-grain’. The cheese we liberally use is all dairy and not synthetic.

Our motto is healthy and flavourful mouthfuls.

"I still eat a burger at a counter with ketchup dripping down my face."

Scarlett Johansson

The best things are found between two buns at Stoner.

Burgers are versatile, criminally juicy, and are accompanied by potato wafers!

The patties in Stoner burgers are made to order, they contain no processed food and are not left in freezers.

Buns are baked and not bought! The soft munch comes from the strict use of dairy butter, and zero margarine.

"I drink to separate my body from my soul."

Oscar Wilde

After all, sitting with a beverage is conducive to creative thoughts and photography!

At Stoner we aim to please all palates; with our most talked about hot chocolate to cake shakes (cake that you can swallow!) and more.


Stoner is deeply rooted in its values of Togetherness, Loyalty and Ownership.

At Stoner we put heavy emphasis on hiring, training and promoting workers with disabilities and those that are underprivileged.

Our team at Stoner has a single objective - which is to fuel your belly and have you coming back for more!

Nice to Meet You!